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Funny WhatsApp Status Messages Jokes Images Updated List -2017

We are making a huge list of Funny Whatsapp status in the year 2016. This list of funny whatsapp status has been build according to the whatsapp status updated by different user. Keep enjoying this funniest status of whatsapp ever.


1:Q: What animal rotates at least 200 times after it dies?A: Rotisserie chicken.

2:Math questions are so stupid! They’re like “If I have 5 bottles in one hand and 6 in the other, what do I have?” Oh I dunno, a drinking problem maybe?

3:Respected,International Kanjus,Thanks for not sending any Sms,You will win “Pappu Kanjus Rahna Award”Na na sms mt karna,Kahin ye! Award hath se na nikal jaye..

4:A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken takes out a cigarette and begins to smoke. The egg, pissed off, takes one look at the chicken, rolls over and pulls the blanket over him and says, I guess we answered that question!

5:A squirrel is chillin` in a tree when a cow climbs up and sits next to him. "Whatcha doin` here?" asks the squirrel. "I`m here to eat some apples." "But this is a pine tree!" "I know. I brought my own apples.""

6:Propose karne ka sher:Kutta mar gaya rajaai mein,Main paagal ho gaya teri judaai mein.Haathi nadi mein beh nahin sakta,Apun tere bina reh nahin sakta…

7:Teacher: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller?Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl .

8:I thought it would be so easy to meet guys when I got out of college because it was very easy to meet guys in college. I mean, this was really all you had to do to meet some guy in college: `Oh my God, I am so wasted!`

9:Every Man Needs A Beautiful Wife Intelligent Wife Caring Wife Loving Wife Smart Wife Adjusting & Cooperative Wife, But Its Said Dat Islam Allows Only 4 Wife ;->

10:Ek Din CHINTU Ne Apne Dost Ko Bataya- “Meri Bivi PINKI Itni Dayalu Hai Ki Wah Bartan Dhone Wale Ko Pani Garm Karke Deti Hai. Dono Time Chay Aur Khana Bhi Deti Hai.”“Kamaal Hai! Aaj Ki Mahilaye Itni Udaar Ho Sakti Hai, Par Tumhare Yaha Bartan Kaun Dhotaa Hai?” Mitra Ne Puchha.“Mai.” CHINTU Ne Jawab Diya.

11:agar Ladki aapse kuch mange to use jarur pura karne ki koshish kare, isse Ladkiyan aapse itni impress hongi jiski aap imagine bhi nahi kar sakte.

12:A blind bunny and a blind snake bump into each other on the path."What kind of animal are you?" asks the snake."I really don`t know," says the bunny. "I`ve never seen myself. Maybe you could examine me and find out?"So, the snake felt the bunny. "Well, you`re soft and cuddly," said the snake. "You have long silky ears and a little fluffy tail. You must be a bunny!""Awesome!" says the bunny. "Now what kind of animal are you?""I really don`t know," says the snake. "I`ve never seen myself. Maybe you could examine me and find out?"So, the bunny feels the snake all over, and he replies, "You`re hard and cold, and you haven`t got any balls. You must be a lawyer!""

13:Q: What do you call a 900-pound woman with a yeast infection?A: A whopper with cheese.

14:Teacher:Bacho Past Present or Future Tense ki koi misal dain.Jaisay k mai khubsurat thi,Khubsurat hon or Khubsurat rahon gi Bacha: Ap ko wehm tha, whem hai or wehm rahy ga….

15:A man walks into his bedroom after work and is surprised to find his wife lying naked on the bed. After careful examination, he spies a pair of bare feet sticking out from underneath the curtains.He rips open the blinds to find a naked man standing there. "Who the hell are you?" he yells.The naked guy replies, "I`m the moth inspector.""Oh, yeah? What are you doing naked?"He looks down and exclaims, "Oh my God, I`m too late!""

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